Kosher Mehadrin List English

foto abadi crackers at Hema

The following products are being sold in Europe without kosher symbol. However, a mashgiach from a reliable kosher supervision organisation visits the factory regularly and checks ingredients and procedures.

All products below are kosher and pareve. All crackers are pas Yisroel.

  • Hema Volgraan Crackers (Pas Yisroel)
  • Smoked Salmon (Plant# 41A82) Honey Mustard Dill Sauce is also kosher l’mehadrin. Sandwich Salmon is not allowed
  • Smoked Salmon (Plant# PL22121818) Honey Mustard Dill Sauce is not kosher.
  • Smoked Salmon (Plant 6115) (Honey Mustard Dill Sauce is also kosher l’mehadrin) Sandwich Salmon is not allowed
  • Smoked Salmon (Plant IT674)
  • Smoked Salmon (Plant6602)
  • Concerning all smoked salmon: Hot Smoked Salmon is not recommended unless produced under supervision.
  • Calve Peanut Butter (excluding light peanut butter)
  • Bonne Maman Jam
  • Mustard (English Mustard) Coleman’s
  • Mustard Powder Coleman’s
  • Vegetable oil from Brölio
  • Vegetable oil from Brökelmann
  • Vegetable oil from Cargill Izegem
  • Bertoli Olive Oil (Alleen Classico & Extra Virgin)
  • Rapeseed oil, canola oil , sunflowerseed oil from Spack and EkoPlaza
  • Mama Nature Biologisch Kokosolie (Coconut oil)
  • Alpen High Fruit Muesli
  • Weetabix Oatibix
  • Weetabix Ready Brek Original
  • Weetabix Weetabix
  • Wasa Crackers with code G0104, S0116, S0117, & S0118 (Pas Yisroel)
  • Kikkoman Soy Sauce (Only made in the Netherlands or Singapore)
  • Kikkoman Soy Sauce Sweet (Only made in the Netherlands

If you desire kosher supervision for your products or if you are a rabbinical supervisor and know of more products, please contact us.